(AD) Baby Massage course with Soothing Baby Massage and Children Yoga Review and Tips.

We were kindly invited along to baby massage by soothing baby massage and children’s yoga owner, Clare.

Clare is a highly qualified, experienced and friendly instructor who runs courses in infant massage, and yoga classes for children aged from babies right through to young adults.

She is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI), qualifying with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) in 2010.

The IAIM massage course draws from both the Indian and Swedish massage traditions as-well as incorporating principles from yoga and reflexology.

According to IAIM baby massaging provides the opportunity to express your love whilst meeting the need for touch and affection which is so important for the healthy development of babies.

The mama’s perspective: “We attended the classes for 5 weeks, I felt comfortable attending the classes, everyone was kind in the class and Clare makes you feel very much at ease throughout”.

  • Baby massage is suitable from birth to crawling.
  • Classes run Mondays 10-11am at West Denton Community Centre, Hillheads Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE5 1DN.
  • Booking essential – email: soothingbabymassage@hotmail.co.uk

Before the sessions start, you will be asked to fill out a registration form – this will be sent over email before starting the class.

Free parking is available at the centre, all day everyday.

The building is located right next door to west Denton primary school.

The massage class takes place at West Denton Community centre, the class is in the bar room.

You go up in the lift (or use the stairs) once out of the lift turn right (or go straight on if you have used the stairs). Go through the double doors, turn right and walk along the corridor. Go through 2 more sets of double doors and the room is on the right.

The room is big enough to keep your buggy parked in there too. You can access the room a few minutes before the class start time, if you arrive any earlier, you could sit in the seating area downstairs.

There is also a changing room on the upper landing area – located in their disabled toilet. If you want to change baby before, during or after the class.

On the introduction session, you will receive an parent handbook to take home with visual demonstration in of all the massages you learn though-out the class.

The booklet also has a suggestions page for older children – which is great if you have older children or even for future recommendations.

You will be asked to bring your own towel – some mums decided to bring a blanket instead. Clare will have spare if you ever forget too.

You will receive a pot of oil for the massages on the first class to bring with you every-time. I decided to keep mine in my changing bag, therefore, I never forgot it over the period of the course.

You are also encouraged to use this at home to try out massages you have learnt in class. Some parents may decide to not use the oil due to babies having sensitive skin etc.

Clare will advise and show you how to do a little tester on the first session also if you are unsure of how your baby may react to the oil.

Yoga mats are on the floor with a cushion for the parent. You can change your seating area up though-out class but many parents will like to stay in the same area every-time.

To make it easier though-out the class, Clare would recommend a baby-grow/sleepsuit or something easy to remove.

The mama’s perspective: “ I would dress Baby B in a sleep-suit but the garments with a zip as was quicker and easier to take off and put back on, also footless ones with socks, due to if you were only doing a foot massage at the time, you could just remove the socks and keep the baby covered everywhere else.

As Baby B hates getting changed and also hates the feel of the cold, even though the room was always heated up. Therefore, parents may want to wear layers and also I would suggest something comfortable for them too”.

Many parents would go alone but you can take someone along with you such as a grandparent or partner.

Clare would demonstrate throughout the class and come over and show you again if you were not sure, one to one. Clare would demonstrate on a doll to show you.

Though-out the session, Clare would chat with you making you feel at ease, and engaged. She would talk about many topics, that parents would maybe need some advice on such as weaning, sleep patterns and much more.

Clare would always recommend taking care of baby’s needs first and make you feel comfortable when doing this.. if you need to feed, change or comfort baby though-out then she is happy and supportive for you to do so.

She would always go over anything you may have missed out during this time. And sometimes over previous techniques in other classes to help recap as it can be hard to keep up and take care of baby’s needs at the same time.

Every session, the group would do little ice-breakers which was always nice to hear from the other parent and would help you feel comfortable to chat especially that first session.

Schedule of the weeks:

Each week consists of the following elements – Welcome, introduction, icebreaker. At the end of each session you will always have time to ask questions or discuss topics.

  • Week 1 – Introduction, history of IAIM and baby massage, environment and behavioural states. Legs and foot massage.
  • Week 2 – Tummy massage and a short routine for the relief of wind/colic/constipation
  • Week 3 – Chest and arms massage. Gentle movements.
  • Week 4 – Face and back massage.
  • Week 5 – Whole body massage. Gentle movements.

On week 5, we received flowers and a certificated. This was our first certificate and most importantly Baby Bs first ever certificate!, which is a proud moment for us parents.

The mama’s perspective: “ I have learnt techniques I will continue with my baby out of class and throughout life also. The parent handbook has got tips for toddlers too”.

We try to update our post as regular as possible but please bare in mind – Events may change details, cancel or be sold out during this time. Also information may change for a company – pricing, location, schedule etc.

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2 responses to “(AD) Baby Massage course with Soothing Baby Massage and Children Yoga Review and Tips.”

  1. I attended the baby massage course and have loved the experience! I was lucky enough to meet Clare through a Mam & Bump walk running locally so knew straight away she would be my top choice for baby massage course when baby arrived- this was followed by lots of friends/family telling me how much they enjoyed Clare’s classes! The course gave me a purpose every Monday to get up and out with my newborn building confidence getting out with a lovely group in those early days as well as a safe space for feeding when this was still something I was working out in public. My daughter slept through some of the classes but this offered me the opportunity to watch Clare in detail and learn the skills to do at home when it was a good time which my daughter has loved and it has really helped with bonding for us both. I’ve also met a lovely bunch of new mums who I’ve enjoyed getting to know in class and over coffees after. Really looking forward to starting baby yoga with the group and Clare soon!


  2. […] The mama’s perspective: “We attended the classes for 5 weeks, and prior to that attended baby massage which you can read the full review here: (AD) Baby Massage course with Soothing Baby Massage and Children Yoga Review and Tips. […]


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