(AD) Baby Yoga course with Soothing Baby Massage and Children Yoga Review/Guide.

We were kindly invited along to baby yoga classes by soothing baby massage and children’s yoga owner, Clare.

Clare is a highly qualified, experienced and friendly instructor who runs courses in infant massage, and yoga classes for children aged from babies right through to young adults.

Clare has practised yoga for many years, Therefore, training to teach baby yoga comes natural to her. She is also qualified in moving baby yoga and toddler yoga (Birthlight); as well as children’s and teen yoga (Calm for Kids/Teen Yoga).

Clare teaches baby and toddler yoga and children’s yoga in the community, as well as teaching pre-school yoga at a number of nursery/pre-school settings in Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside and Northumberland. Clare also teaches children’s yoga at local after-school and holiday clubs.

The mama’s perspective: “We attended the classes for 5 weeks, and prior to that attended baby massage which you can read the full review here: (AD) Baby Massage course with Soothing Baby Massage and Children Yoga Review and Tips.

Price and weeks can vary due to how many weeks are in a term, as classes run term time.

  • Baby yoga is suitable from 12 weeks to crawling.
  • Classes run Tuesdays 10-11am at The Lemington Centre, Tyne View, Lemington, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 8RZ.
  • Booking essential – email: soothingbabymassage@hotmail.co.uk

The classes have became like a community to use all, most mums have went on from baby massage to baby yoga together, all the other parents are friendly which allows you to feel like you can talk about anything within your circle without being judged. If anything, the other mums and Clare will support you and advise.

I felt comfortable attending the classes and Clare makes you feel very much at ease throughout”.

Clare attends Breastfeeding social groups at Lemington centre also, 1-2.30pm.

The classes are based at the Lemington centre which has free parking available, However the car park is only small.

You can access public transport right outside the building also: number 22, 6 & 7.

On arrival, There is a reception area, so you can ask for guidance if needed.

Baby Yoga is based on the ground floor which makes the class very accessible and buggy friendly. There is plenty of space to bring the buggy into the hall with you during class also.

Before the sessions start, you will be asked to fill out an form – this will be giving at the begin of the course, this allows Clare to be able to know about any medical issues you or your little one may have.

The mama’s perspective: “ I was born with clicky hips and hyper-extension due to this some moves were harder than others but Clare always said do what you can, she was very supportive and would come over and support you if you need help”.

You will be asked to bring your own blanket to pop down on top of the yoga mats but Clare will supply you with the mat and a cushion for parents also.

The course consists of gentle postnatal yoga for mam, adapted yoga poses for baby along with songs rhymes and relaxation for all.

Every Tuesday morning, We will start off with breathing exercises then move onto simple stretches for parent and rhymes added in for baby, such as ‘if you are happy and you know it’, Baby B really enjoyed this one and also ‘Wind the bobbin up’. This allows you to still have a bond with your baby and keep them engaged within class throughout.

Clare will give you a sheet with the rhymes on for you to learn at home if needed but they are very easy to pick up and will become natural to you to sing along in class eventually.

Throughout the class, Clare will work on movements for both baby and parent. Every session is different as Clare’s classes are baby led. Therefore, class schedule will depend on the babies in the class body language and mood on the day.

Clare guides parents and carers through a range of gentle movement and touch exercises. We would also do practice relaxed walks and active walks through-out class.

Clare also shows us safe lifting and carrying of baby to help protect the back, confidence in handling baby.

And moves for baby are: Sequences for hips, sequences for arms, lifts and swings, rolling moves, moves to develop balance, flying baby moves. Baby B would love to practice standing and rolling in the classes.

Baby yoga will allow your baby to increase a bond and attachment with their parent and also build trust and understanding.

It allows you get one to know your baby, what they like and what they don’t. And best of all, you get to spend that one to one time together that you may not be able to do at home.

Baby yoga benefits both the parent and baby, not only physically but also within their mental ability and also within their social life.

Benefits of attending baby yoga for Mam :

  • Increased core strength.
  • Regaining pelvic stability.
  • Opening chest and shoulders.
  • Learning relaxation techniques.
  • Social interactions with other Mams and babies.
  • Opportunity to make new friends.

Benefits of attending baby yoga for Baby:

  • Strengthening of the physical body – strengthens the muscles, keeps the spine straight and supple, maintains flexibility in the spine and joints.
  • Helps babies to move from reflexes to voluntary movement.
  • Stimulates all the senses.
  • Brings balance and harmony to the body systems.
  • Helps babies to settle and improve sleep patterns.
  • Tactile stimulation contributes to the development of the brain and the nervous system.

At the end of the class, Clare would give us time to practice relaxation, which is great for us busy parents to take time out to just lye with our babies and not think about our long lists of to-dos.

This class is great for development for babies and many parents will continue to re-book the session and once they get older they can attend toddler yoga classes also.

On-site, there is an cafe called Maximo’s Deli which is located right next to the reception area.

This was not gifted. I did pay for my food when visiting here, as an after class meal with the other parents but wanted to share about the building to give readers an idea of what the venue has to offer also.

You can pay via cash or card.

The cafe is open Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm and has the option for takeout.

You can always call them on 07710401776 to pre-order.

They have lots to choose from, Breakfast to light bites, meals and much more. Over my time on the course, we had food here with the other mums from the class.

The food is great quality and great value for money. I had chicken chorizo and cheddar panini, this can come separately or with salad, cold-saw and chips.

There was plenty of tables set out in the cafe, aswell as sofas to sit and relax whilst having a hot drink or needing to feeding baby.

There is also Highchairs available too.


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