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I started North East Finds back in 2019 with my two nieces. We would always plan days out, we loved getting outdoors and exploring, eating out at new places and even attend seasonal events.

I would always get asked about places we had posted up on social media from friends and family. And I seen other bloggers doing similar posts to their platform.

I had blogged for many years whilst at university studying fashion design and events management but was a total different area to what I was doing with the girls and thought why not have a change up.

And that’s when I started ‘North East Finds’. Over the years, Me and the girls have worked with many local business in the North East.

Our audience is mainly over 60% women and 40% men, between the ages of 25-45. Parents, Grandparents, Families looking for ideas to plan and find their favourite days out.

I’ve always been the fun auntie. But now, it’s my time to be able to write as a mumma’s perspective as I am bring my own baby into the world late October.

Over my pregnancy journey, I have used tik tok to document my pregnancy journey, create baby shopping hauls and much more.

I want to be able to help First Time Mums like myself to have a platform to come on and read about the fun things they can do with their little ones. From baby classes to events, and fun things to do at home – it’s all about those little cherished moments.

We have previous experience in working with many different brands over the years. I am a BIG FOODIE, so we work on a lot of restaurant reviews.

I love helping small business and charities as much as possible within our work. And we love trying new things, our blog has really allowed us to do this and share with others from new activities to new foods and attending events that we may have not had the opportunity to do so before.

We like to post honest review, with relevant information that families need to know. And stay away from working on posts/projects that would not be an interest to my family as-well as our readers families too.

Some events may be more expensive than others, I know it can be expensive bringing little ones up, therefore this will be something we will bare in mind when posting – and try give you as many tips and tricks to keep your days out, Low cost but also give you those options.

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