Free funded spaces at Little Lotus Nursery.

The Little Lotus Nursery is offering free funded spaces for eligible children age 2 to 5 years old. They accept paying parents, childcare vouchers, tax free childcare, 30 hours funding, 3-4 year old 15 hours funding and 2 year old funding.

For more information about whether you are eligible for funding please visit;

Funding starts from the term after the child’s birthday. Once a child turns 3 they are automatically entitled to 15 hours educational funding. Click here: For times and prices.

They are non-profit nursery based within a beautiful Nature Park located at Benwell and opened its doors back in February 2018.

Little Lotus Nursery spend 90% of their time outdoors, this is due to them strongly believing children learn and develop better in the outdoor environment.

Little Lotus Nursery incorporate yoga and meditation into their daily practice as well as having a beautiful natural environment with arts, crafts and music to give children the best start in life.

Each Monday children do a trip up to the local super market. This trip allows children to make their own choices on weekly snacks. Helping them gain an understanding of shops and supermarkets and how you need to buy things using money.

They celebrate a range of religious celebrations which again involves visits to the community such as the Gurdwara, Cathedral and the Hindu temple.

Book a visit here;

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