Gifted | Twenty Twenty

5 Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1UN.

January only!.

Twenty twenty, an New York styled bar and restaurant has recently opened on the Bigg Market.

Twenty twenty is only open from Wednesday – Sunday, 12:00pm – 2:00am.

They welcome dogs and kids before 7pm too.


All pizzas are twenty inches or you can order a slice which is they say is the same as an 8 inch pizza. All pizzas cost £18.

They offer chilli flakes or pineapple on pizzas for free also.

They do offer half and half if you can’t make your mind up or if you are sharing with another – this has to be the same base sauce though.

We picked the Ronald McDonald’s love child which was basically a Big Mac styled pizza – with gerkins, lettuce, ground beef, mustard and cheese. I really enjoyed this one, full of flavour and was different to anything I had ever tried, even though I did move the lettuce off.

We also picked the Mexican stand off, this had chicken fajitas, red onions, sour cream and crumbled nachos on. This one was also delicious and full of flavour too.


They also have limited snacks to pick from also – garlic bread, nachos and popcorn.

We picked nachos for starters – they have two sizes to choose from regular or massive. We picked massive, however when they save massive, they mean massive!.

You can choose from carbonara, spicy chillis and ogs. I would normally go for a beef or tomato based nachos, but decided to try the carbonara because I do love a good carbonara – this was very different and filling. I would say this would be based on 4 people sharing.


Twenty twenty do state you can book here for drinks only also.

And as the name states, twenty twenty has ‘twenty’ cocktails to choose from.

They offer 2 cocktails for £10 daily between 3pm to 8pm and all day Sunday, however this has to be the same cocktail.

I picked the bubblegum Cosmo, which was very sweet – I really enjoyed this one. And the drink on the right is an old fashioned.

On the side of each cocktail listed, you will know what cocktail is served in which glass as it has a little icon on.

Get discount when using the Snapsavers app. We were kindly invited along though a collaboration with this brand and they have lots of great deals on their app.


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