Invite/Gifted | Beamish hall hotel: Forest of light review.

Beamish Hall Hotel, DH9 0YB.

We were kindly invited along to Beamish hall hotel to experience their new and wonderful illumination event – ‘Forest of light’.

Forest of Light is a captivating illuminated experience set within their enchanted ancient woodland.

They have created a world filled with illuminations, music, interactive props and projections to dazzle and amaze with specially commissioned pieces. A unique experience not to be found anywhere else.

On arrival, we parked in the carpark, which was free of charge. You could instantly see the lights shining though-out the trees which made it magical and exciting for the kids.

We walked over to show our tickets via our phone. Before queuing, we popped to the snack van – they have cold and hot drinks, biscuits, crisps and much more.

We got hot chocolates – you can choose from original or orange. They also have a smaller cup for the kids. We got the chocolate orange one, which tasted delicious, topped with whipped cream too. This is a good shout to keep warm.

You can pay via cash or card at the snack van.

This event will be running though-out various dates in November, December 2021 and January 2022.

The first entry is from 4pm as Beamish hall understands that some guests would like to experience the event at an earlier time due to young children. And last entry is 8pm.

They do suggest to get the full effect of the lights please check sunset times and book your time slot accordingly.

The grounds are pretty uneven, therefore Beamish hall hotel do state no wheelchairs, and recommend using a baby sling or carrier rather than pushchair.

The trail is pretty muddy when walking around, therefore I would suggest old appropriate shoes or wellies.

And maybe think about your outfit – to make sure you are warm and don’t mind getting them dirty etc.

When walking around there was plenty for the kids to get involved and engaged with, it’s a great walk for all ages. Suitable for the full family.

There’s lots of photo opportunities, however with it being dark it was hard to take photos of the children – even with the flash on.

It took us around 45 minutes to get around the full walk, this was with hyper kids running around everywhere but could take longer if you slowly walked around the trail. This is a one way system. Once you come out the trail, you can’t go back in.

Tickets are £8 each, or free for kids under 1 years old. You have to book via online.

Please take in mind that there is flashing lights though-out for anyone who may have Epilepsy, etc.

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