Invite | Christmas at Bamburgh Castle

We were kindly invited along to Bamburgh Castle to experience their Christmas fun, this is their first ever year hosting a Christmas event, it is called saints & angels at the Christmas kingdom.

On arrival, we parked in their on-site car park, this costs £4. when you step out the car, you can feel that sea breeze as the castle is located up from the sea front, the view is wonderful.

You can book your tickets online ready, on arrival they ask you to have a copy of your ticket/email with you before arriving for your visit. This can be on a device or printed.

However, you are welcome to buy tickets on the door, but you do need to be aware that bamburgh castle currently have a maximum capacity that they are enforcing – therefore pre-booking will save any disappointments.

You book a date and not an time slots, therefore you can visit any time during the day and not worry about how much time you have in the castle or missing your time slot.

Saints & angels will run up til the 3rd January with the exception of the 25th & 26th of December.

The castle is filled with dazzling décor, towering floral arrangements and wondrous, bejewelled Christmas trees, Saints and Angels though-out, with some of the most stunningly beautiful layouts, you have seen.

Saints and Angels is all indoors, therefore, this is a perfect option for those rainy days.

Once, you’ve explored all staterooms, you can come back out and explore the grounds of the castle which is included with your entry.

Bamburgh castle have a pony ride located outside of the entrance of the saints and angels, which we paid for the girls to experience. This is £2.50 per child and they get to have a ride with the pony on the back of a sleigh which made it magical for them.

They also have their reindeer reign located at the back end of the castle, the girls got complimentary food to feed the reindeers, you can’t get too close but you could still hoy the food in for them and also see clearly.

They also have a tea room on-site, however if you are looking for somewhere outside of the castle, I would highly recommend the bamburgh castle inn – they do the best bangers and mash.

The Santa visits and wreath workshops are all sold out now too.

For more information on the castle/event click here.

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