A guide to East Grange: PYO pumpkin.

East Grange Farm, High Shincliffe, Durham, DH1 2TB.

East grange is a farm located in the Durham area since the early 1900s and have been farming at East Grange since 1941.

They have three events available over the year sunflower picking, pumpkin picking and also you can go pick your own Christmas tree.

Today, we visited for the first time to take part in their pyo pumpkin event.

We drove over using the postcode at the top of the post. Please do not follow the satnav up Strawberry Lane, as this will take you to a different address. They are the turn in off the A177 just to the south of strawberry lane. They have signs nearby to keep you right.

You can park in their car park, this is free.

On arrival, you have to pre-book, Tickets are £5 per vehicle and include a £5 pre-paid voucher which will be redeemed off any pumpkins you buy.

You will receive an pre-paid voucher that you can use at the end that you can use towards your final payment. For example, if you take 3 X £5 pumpkins to the till you will only have to pay £10.

When coming in via car, you buy one ticket per vehicle, therefore if you have more than one car, you will need more than one ticket.

If you intend to walk in from a local village, (Shincliffe, Bowburn, or High Shincliffe) buy one walk-in ticket for your group.

Pumpkins are priced between £1 – £12 depending on size.

You can pay with cash or card. They take chip and PIN and contactless payments from all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as payments through Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

At the front of the grounds, you can check your pumpkin to see how much your total will come to before heading to the tills if you want.

They also have a marquee with a table set up with information on what each pumpkin is called.

And around the grounds, there was plenty of opportunities for photographs.

You can grab a wheelbarrow at the front, they have two sizes available.

They also have a maze which is filed with their dead sunflowers and Halloween props around, this would be really scary for the kids in the dark but we went in the morning and still had a fab time trying to find our way out.

Tickets can not be moved when booked and if you wish to cancel you must give them 48hours notice before your booking.

At the end of the pumpkin picking. They have a little stall with carving items etc on that you can purchase.

You can also grab a bite to eat or drink – this is also cash or card.

They had hot and cold drinks available, alongside burgers and hotdogs.

They also have a funfair which is cash or card too. They only have two rides, a hook a duck and a darts/ball game.

Check out our Halloween guide also. If you can access east grange – you can also check out Brockbrushe farm.

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