What you will find at Fenwick Christmas shop.

Fenwick Christmas shop has launched earlier this week. Every year, I love to visit and pick the most quirkiest presents as-well as keepsakes for my loved ones.

They still have areas of the Christmas shop, they are working on but they have a great selection already from the wrapping aspect to decorations, to stocking fillers and gifts. It’s defiantly worth the visit.

Local makers market:

This year, they have an local markers market too. There was only three brands at the moment, but I heard there is more to come!

First up, i came across an company called ‘Jane Charles studio glass’, she is a Newcastle upon Tyne based brand, who works in the traditional methods of hot glass.

She produce a wide range of bowls, vases, paperweights, perfume bottles and sculptural works in an array of shapes, colours and finishes.

Second up was “Awesome Botanical” that is made by hand in Gateshead. They have a range of pamper and skin products from lip balms to bath bombs, soaps and much more.

Last but not least was “Hugo and co”, they bring together exquisite home fragrance and inspirational gift ideas from candles to diffuser that smell amazingly good.

Sweet treats:

They had many tables filled with the most fascinating sweets that your kids would love as stocking fillers or perfect to make your own sweet hamper this Christmas.




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