Kato restaurant visit.

Kato, Sunniside, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE16 5EE.

Kato is located in the suburban village of Sunniside, serving fresh, high end food in warm and welcoming surroundings. A calm and elegant escape where guests can relax and peacefully experience exquisite cuisine.

We stumbled across kato when on way to beamish Museum, we seen a little pub next door called the potters wheels. We did not realise kato was a different part and as we walked in expecting pub grub, we got something totally different but so much better.

The staff were great to explain over everything and super chatty with the girls. They even told the staff their best jokes, they were that comfortable.

Kids eat free between 12-4pm. The girls received chicken with chips, the chicken was fresh and cooked well. They also had a choice of fruit shoots to pick from to wash their meal down with.

They brought the girls food out as we had our starters.

They have offers on from one to three starters, the prices are listed below on menu:

For my starter, I picked the spicey sliced beef bao bun. The sauce on this was mouthwatering, the beef was cooked just right and the bao bun give it that overall tasted. I would highly recommend this one. – you can also get a chicken one too.

After our starters, along came our mains pretty quickly, I choose the spicey beef wok noodles.

This came out presented really well. The main dish was very filling but tasted amazingly good with lots of flavour.

We also had ordered the grilled chicken thigh classic teriyaki. The chicken was just as good on this too, they do know how to cook their meat to perfection. Also the egg fried rice was added alongside which really made the dish overall.

All dishes are prepared fresh with only the best quality ingredients.

Their platters are perfect for splitting, while their main courses are hearty enough to satisfy the insatiable. You can enjoy their food whether you are there for a quick lunch or enjoying a casual night out with friends and family.

The girls also got cornettos at the end of their meal which they really enjoyed. I’m glad we stumbled upon this little gem, and can’t wait to return again.

You can also takeout too.


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