PR invite | Horticulture’s new menu review.

1-3 Market Lane
Newcastle Upon Tyne

0191 261 7222

Monday 9:00am -12:00am
Tuesday 9:00am -12:00am
Wednesday 9:00am – 1:00am
Thursday 9:00am – 1:00am
Friday 9:00am – 2:00am
Sunday 9:00am – 12:00am

We were kindly invited along to this gorgeous hidden gem, horticulture is a popular spot for both drinks and food.

Horticulture’s company ethos and values lie within fresh, organic, locally sourced produce throughout. They strive to create unique, tasty, forward thinking dishes and cocktails but with the focus on cultivating as much as possible from the source.

They are environmentally conscious, constantly trying to reduce their waste, reduce their carbon footprint, and also with as much renewable or biodegradable packaging as possible.

Their aim is to do all of the above whilst creating a vibrant, bohemian atmosphere.

On arrival, you come up the stairs to enter horticulture, the first floor you come up is their bar area with an outdoor terrace.

They have a range of cocktails. Their custom cocktails are designed with seasonal ingredients, sustainability and fantastic flavours.

Their intention is to be as low waste as possible, so many of their ingredients are created with this in mind. Whether it be using the skin to make juice, chickpea water to make foam, or chilli seeds to make syrup, they try to utilise every part of our produce to create not only more sustainable, but tastier cocktails.

As you head up to the second floor, this is their restaurant area. The layout is not huge but its a relaxing and cosy layout with an open kitchen so you can see the chefs working on your meal.

This is where we headed over too. They have recently launched a new menu and we were lucky enough to be the first ones try it out.

They have a range of snacks and sides, as part of our sides, we had the spiced horti fries which had a lovely taste and flavour to them, slight spice to them.

We also had the halloumi fries – they came with a mint yogurt dip, pomegranates and coriander over the top. I was not too sure on the pomegranates but the taste overall was really nice.

They now have a range of small plates to choose from – the land, the earth and the sea. Small plates are designed for sharing, 90% naturally gluten free, over half the dinner menu is vegetable based and almost all of the food is organic and locally supplied the North’s finest farmers fishermen and butchers.

For our earth dish, I picked the sweetcorn lollipops, I really do enjoy corn on the cob and when this one listed the ingredients included – Crispy Corn, Red Mojo, Coriander, Jalapeno Yoghurt, I had to try.

The corn was cut into strips, which made it easier to eat. The jalapeño yoghurt really brought out the flavouring, this was delightfully delicious.

The confit cauliflower steak was also picked this was cauliflower covered in Brown Butter, Turkish Dressing, Caramelised Puree, Pomegranate. This was weirdly tasty, the sauce had lots of flavour and from the way it is laid out, you wouldn’t expect the outcome.

We did not try the sea menu as it’s not really our thing, so we went with the land menu. There was too much choice when I wanted to order. From the land menu, my plus one picked Korean pork belly, this was layered with sticky Sriracha Sauce, Spring Onions, Sesame Seeds. This £9 which I found quiet experience for the amount but it’s due to their options being small dishes.

I picked the chicken yakitori, I did find this slightly dry but the chicken was to good quality. I would of loved more sauce on the chicken due to the flavour tasting delicious.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal. We loved the small plates as it let you try a range of different foods that you may have not tried before or would not go out your way to try due to the menu being complex.

We would have liked to have eat our sides/small plates together as they came out or even if all the small plates/sides came out together as one. This was due to me still waiting whilst my other half had ate, even though I did pick at his. Hey you’ve got to be able to try it all eh.


Horticulture are now offering a delivery service. They are delivering to the following postcodes –NE1, NE2, NE3 (Gosforth Only), NE6, NE7 and NE8.

They do ask to allow up to 60 minutes for delivery. However, you can also collect. You select a timeslot and they will box your order up fresh within 5-10 minutes of your arrival.

You can also order coffees and teas for collection.

For more information head over to their website.

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