Khyber cafe review.

169 West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 6PQ

We visited khyber cafe on west road this week, Khyber cafe is a well known Afghani Restaurant & Dessert bar in Newcastle.

After a long day at work, we decided to have a spontaneous date night.

Before we walked over to khyber cafe with it being local, we tried another restaurant who said they couldn’t serve us due to them wanting to close up, however we were still in their time frame to order. Often when eating later, this can cause staff to be annoyed and let of uncomfortable and negative vibes.

However, when we entered khyber their was no hesitation. The staff member took us over to our table, he was very chatty and friendly, which made us feel very comfortable.

Khyber cafe has many tables to offer and is very spacious.

Our meal did not take long to prepare and they were fast on the service. We ordered the khyber grill for two, this is £13.95 and comes with 2 Seekh kebab, 4 lamb chops, 4 chicken tikka, 2 chicken wings, chilli, mint garlic and salad.

This was a great size portion and comes on a hot plate to keep the meats temperature just right. There was not one bit of meat I did not like. The lamb chops tasted amazingly good, the chicken was cooked just right – I loved the chicken seekh kebab and also the chicken tikka was really good.

We did also order a pickle tray, the mango chutney was so nice, super sweet and very tasty.

However, we also had garlic and chilli sauce on our table, which were both really tasty and matched with the meal very well.

We got a portion of chips, but you could also order rice too, there is plenty of sides available. You also received salad along with the grill.

They also have burgers, curries and much more on the menu.


And for dessert, they have you more than covered. Khyber cafe has 23 flavours of premium locally sourced ice cream & 2 flavours of fat free sorbet. You can also a cone for only 50p.

The kinder ice-cream tasted delicious, it was super soft and one of the best ice-creams to date. They also offer sundaes too from knickerbocker glory to Cookie Monster and more.

They have so many desserts to pick from, starting with cheesecake, brownies, old school cake, tarts, eclairs and much more.

You can order a whole cake too for weddings, events and special occasions or you just fancy lots of cake.

For dessert, I ordered the old school cake which is always one of my favourites. The cakes texture was incredibly soft, the custard matched so well with the cake and give an overall good finish. I really enjoyed my dessert.

Sunday dinners:

They also offer Sunday dinners, you can choose either lamb or chicken. This is an traditional roast served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, mash, turnip and vegetables.

This is only offered on a Sunday, they are a decent sized portion. I really liked how they added extra gravy in bowl too.

You can also order via just eat for takeaway – click here.

They also have a children’s menu. This is a great place to come after a day out at the sport centre – as the sport centre have a softplay and trampoline park over the road. – Check out here


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