PR invite | Slims chicken metrocentre.

53 Garden Walk
Tyne & Wear
NE11 9XZ

Monday – Saturday: 10:30am – 10 pm

Sunday: 10:30 – 6pm

We were kindly invited along to slims chicken. The US born restaurant has now been added alongside many other restaurants in the upper qube of metrocentre.

They have such an bold and American vibe layout though-out the restaurant with smooth sounds of blues music in the background and we were also treated to live screenings of US sports.

They have lots of chicken treats from wings to wraps, sandwiches and tenders.

And if you are a huge chicken lover like me, you may want to choose the mix and match meal, we’re you receive both tenders and wings alongside a small portion of chips, Texas toast and you also receive a bottle-less drink, you can refill.

You pick a sauce for your wings also, they were not huge but the meal overall filled me up.

They have an drinks area, which you pour and refill your own drinks. There is plenty to choose from.

You can also pick a beer which they pour on purchase and bring over to your table. There is also milkshake options too, which is always a great shout when ordering from an American restaurant; they have flavours such as Oreo, popcorn and caramel.

There is plenty of sides to choose from also, my favourite was the fried pickles. They had so much flavour to them and were delicious. I wouldn’t have mind trying their Mac and cheese too.

They also have 15 different flavoured sauces which I found was many favourite part to pick, These include Slim’s signature sauces, Blue Cheese, Ranch, Honey BBQ, Sriracha Garlic and the fiery Inferno.

I picked the garlic and cheese which did not sound right together but wow, it was such a great dip and tasted amazingly good. I also had to pick the ranch sauce with it being a big American sauce, and then we also had the slim sauce which was also really good.

They also offer a child’s menu and also have baby chairs too.

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