Gifted | Point blank shooting with kids over the summer holidays only.

Point Blank shooting is a state-of-the-art simulation shooting range, located just up from the gate on Newgate street.

This is the UK’s first simulation shooting range, Point Blank Shooting has over 200 different shooting scenarios and courses, It uses exceptional shooting realism with the most up to date technology.

Point Blank shooting range at Newcastle have just introduced a family friendly session for over the holidays.

If your child loves gaming then this right up their street, under 18s can book in Thursday and Friday between 12pm and 4:30pm. It costs £10 per child and this includes a drink too.

Walks in are available when they have the space to cater, however they do advise booking online when it’s a busier peak to be on the safe side.

On arrival, we checked in at the front of desk, they spoke over how it all works and regarding their gun regulations. This is that they require a bank card on the day from the lead booker as a security measure incase of any damage towards the guns.

This will be stored securely and released once your booking is complete.

There is booths around the venue with the screen in but also other tables set out for drinks. When shooting they do require a minimum of 2 shooters.

The staff were really friendly, once we checked in, they walked us over to our booth, and explained the games in detail. She even stood with us whilst we had a few trial goes to keep us in check and was really helpful.

They are airsoft guns which have had the firing mechanism taken out and replaced with laser technology developed by the Point Blank Shooting partners.

The girls seem to use them very well and they are only 5&7, so they can be used fine by the younger ones with a bit of guidance at first and then they just went off and done their own after.

We did stick with the smaller gun which was suitable for us all.

Why not have a cocktail whilst the young ones play, they have a deal on 2 cocktails for £9, this has to be two of the same cocktail. Daily until 7pm except Saturday.

You can make the most of your time at point blank shooting and have a meal too. We ordered some picky bits to have a quick food stop during our game. I ordered pizza but asked for half pepperoni and half margarita due to the girls being fussy, and this was no problem at all.

The girls really enjoyed their pizza to the point they asked for more. The pizza was only £5 and they were really tasty.


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