Gifted | Be homely Newcastle review.

Be homely Newcastle are a new small business to Newcastle. They offer a range of Home Fragrances and the most gorgeous accessories⁣ to go with them.

You can find them on both Instagram and Facebook.

I was gifted a range of products to try out, which I was really impressed with and feel in love with many of them.

First up, is their desire velvet rose and oud boutique candle. I loved the shape and style of this design and they also state you can use the jar once your finished with the candle which is great.

They also come in 2 sizes and different fragrances, small ones are £7.00 and large ones are £10.00. They also have a reed diffuser in the same style.

I was also gifted their desire lavender and chamomile floral reed diffuser. They are great for everyday scents and when your out the house and don’t have time to pop your wax melt burner on or light a candle.

They are available in three colours/fragrances and priced at £8.50.

I was also gifted two different scents from their sizzler range. The black orchid smells amazing. The container is 100g and costs £2.20 which I find reasonably priced compared from other companies.

They advise to give the bottle a good shake and add 2 teaspoons in the top of your burner, which is only a small amount but the scent is really strong and they last a long time.

They also have a range of wax melts which are reasonably priced at £2.50 also. These also have a range of scents and smell strong too.

They also have a range of burners too. I was in love with this burner as soon as I removed it from the packaging.

This burner is only £6.50, I’m shocked it’s so cheap due to how beautiful the design is and the product is to high standard too.

And not last but least, I was gifted one of their Carpet freshener bottles. They are a great size, 450g to be precise. I used this on both my sofa and bedding, which brought a nice fresh scent to my flat.

These are priced at £6.00 and also available in different scents.

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