Beamish museum guide.

Beamish Museum
Regional Resource Centre
County Durham

Beamish Museum is an open-air museum located at Beamish, near the town of Stanley, in County Durham, England.

All visitors will need to pre-book an entry timeslot online in advance of their visit, including Friends of Beamish members and Beamish Unlimited Pass holders.

This was the girls first visit to Beamish Museum, I had pre-ordered the tickets. Pay once and visit for a whole year FREE of charge, including daytime events so if you’re worried that you won’t be able to fit everything into one day, now you can come back as many times as you like for a whole year.

We paid £19.50 for an adult pass and £11.50 for a child over 5 years old. Therefore, overall it was less than £40 and we can use our passes all year round which I thought would come in handy.

They also have plenty of hand sanitiser stations throughout the grounds.

You can access the trams to certain areas of the grounds and for other areas they don’t access, you can take the bus.

They have a fish and chip shop – Davy’s. I ordered fish and chips which I really enjoyed and the girls had chips.

I paid around £13 for a portion of chips, fish and chips and two cartons of juice, which I did not find that badly priced at all. We had to pay via card, most payments in beamish require an card payment.

We sat at the picnic area to eat, and on the other side was a field with horses on. The girls loved this little area, you can’t feed the horses but they loved just being able to stroke them.

There was plenty of other animals on the farm too, there was sheep roaming around freely, which the girls loved, we were unsure if this was organised by the museum or if they had just escaped but they were friendly and we stayed our distance.

After we ate our dinner, we headed for some ice-cream from the sinkers. This was card only too. the girls got ice-cream, the total price was around £7 for 2 ice-creams and a drink.

We walked over to the school area, we accessed inside the school which was a one way system. It was nice to see how the classrooms used to be layed out.

They also had old-schooled outdoor toys that girls played with and they loved taking part in the hop-scotch.

They also have an church you can walk though, as-well as the houses.

We also went and viewed the colliery area. The girls loved seeing the trains. And loved the coal, they were covered, so I suggest you do not put anything to decent on the little ones.

The fairground had a few rides on – the helter skelter, the carousel, swings and also a game too.

You had to buy tokens which were £2.00 each, you could pay cash here too.

They also had a cover seating area nearby which is perfect to sit and eat on a rainy day.

We then walked up to the town area, which is one of my favourite spots here. The town centre is accessible. You can get the bus up to this way, you can access the buildings on the street from the dentist to much more.

The sweet shop was open, they also had a little stall set up with gifts too.

The girls got there sweets which now come in ready made packets set up, and I got some chocolate, the Cadbury’s one is £5 and the Jubilee one was £3.50.

The bakery was also open, we purchased some bread and you could also pick fresh baked biscuits.

We also popped to the pub, you could not sit in but they had seats outside which you could enjoy your alcoholic drink.

I picked the cider which was super sweet but I really enjoyed it.

They also have events on, which you can check out on their website. Some you may have to pay for tickets but some are also free with entry.


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