Coastin along review.

Coastin’ along are a north east small business who personalise in engraved products from original and personalised designs onto home-wear and gifts such as coasters, treasure boxes, etc.

You can order via their pages by direct message: Instagram | Facebook.

I asked coastin along to work on a wooden board for me with my own handle for Instagram for when I work on marketing jobs.

I thought this would be a great way if my photos were ever shared out for them to know who’s account they are from.

The owner sent me a range of pictures for styles and shapes and also to help get the font right, which I found so helpful.

This really helped me get a feel of what I was purchasing and helped me with my final decision.

When using the board for marketing work, it really helped capture the image I was trying to go for.

When finished with the board I wiped it down and popped it in the cupboard.

If you are going to use the board to cut on, I would recommend turning it around so you are not cutting on the engraved side.

They are great for business promo and also for gifts.


  1. Thank you so much for your review and feedback on our work. It was an absolute pleasure to design and create this product with and for you, we are so pleased that you are happy with it and think it looks great in your promo photos!

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