Gifted | Popolo Ceramico Easter Pottery.

Popolo Ceramico specialise in capturing baby and children’s hand and footprints in paint onto a wide range of ceramics such as mugs, plates, tiles, photo frames as well as a lovely range of household items that are perfect gifts to those special people in our lives and include things such as plant pots and vases to teapots and cookie/snack jars.

There is something for everyone and the gifts are made extra special with prints that will stay for many years to come.

They are a mobile business with the exception of their Newcastle branch who also has a stunning studio where people can visit and get some amazing 3D clay and plaster prints done.

These are the branches below:

In 2020 when we went into national lockdown, their headquarters came up with a brilliant idea of offering our Paint Your Own Pottery Takeaway boxes, which is a small spin on what they offer in our paint your own pottery events and party packages.

These takeaway boxes are packed with all you need to create your own wonderful keepsakes, paints, brushes, water cups and instructions allowing people to enjoy this activity in the comfort of their own homes.

Perfect to keep the kids busy for an hour or so and even better as an activity to do as a family.

This Easter, they have launched an exciting new bunny to our range: Flopsy bunny, who has now joined their cute range of animals and characters they have to offer.

And we got the chance to paint one of those, the girls loved doing these.

Popolo Ceramico offered us one of these great takeaway box, which had all the supplies we needed for a fun time, and they kindly dropped this off at our house.

This included the specialist paints that can only be used on the pottery, a rubber for any mistakes that you can rub out once dry, the tubs for the paints and water, and also the brushes.

Therefore, you can only use their paints, you must not use anything else on the pottery goodies.

You must use the rubber to remove any mistakes as you can’t use wipes, water, etc.

The girls really enjoyed painting their bunnies, and kept them busy for an hour or so. They loved exploring into different colours and experiencing the creativity.

They have a group that customers can post in their ideas and tips. Click here to join the group.

Once they had finished painting, the girls understood that the bunnies had to go back to shop to be glazed.

This was a pretty fast process, however could take longer if there was high demand at the time. When they came back, the girls were so excited to see. Roxy’s was the big one and Summa’s was the small one, it was nice to see the final product and also with the girls names on, made it more special.

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