Gifted | Eco steam – Full car valet.

Eco steam started their business up over lockdown, and have done the most amazing job considering how tough lockdown has been on the economy.

They are expertise in providing mindful cleaning services designed to revive, restore, maintain and protect both home, business and car.

They provide a safe and effective solution for cleaning using eco-friendly and non-toxic, noninvasive methods across everything from tiling, flooring, carpets, antique rugs and furniture to commercial machinery and medical facilities. 

0191 486 2367 (to receive 10% off let them know you are going though our website recommendation)

Eco Steams, Temur came out and kindly made us fall back in love with our car when he give it a valet, working his magic inside and out. This would normally be priced at £60 as our family car is classed as a large car – but the service you receive is worth the price.

The car was a mess from the little ones and dirt built up over time. All parents know what it can get like and you think you can not do much with it.

However, Temur from Eco Steam smashed it the service and the car was gleaming, never once complained about how big of a job it was and service was to high standards. Considering the back seats were like a dumping ground and they had ice-cream and chocolate stains on the seat covers.

You could smell the difference before even opening the doors, it was that good of a service.

Before and after: right hand side of the doors.

At Eco Steam they provide a range of services dedicated to making your vehicle clean and fresh as well as aesthetic services for treating and enhancing your vehicle’s interior and bodywork.

They can also provide services for getting your vehicle ready for sale/ heavy duty cleaning for work vans and trucks, valet for campervans and mobile homes as well as branding and adhesive removal. 

Before and after: front of car

All of their staff are fully trained and qualified in-car valet and car detailing using steam.

The high temperatures of steam cleaners can kill bacteria, mites, mould and pet pests. You can even take out pathogens such as listeria and E. coli, so your surfaces are as clean as they can be – naturally.

Heat at temperatures over 77 degrees is the best killer of bacteria and viruses, our Optima Steam machine can reach up to 135 degrees and so sanitises as well as cleans.

Before and after: front of car feet area.

Steam is a perfect cleaning method to use in areas where there are vulnerable people such as elderly, infants or those with respiratory disorders as steam cleaning eliminates the introduction of toxins or allergens often found in chemical cleaning.

And can also break through oil and grease, remove adhesives and tackle difficult stains such as blood and even paint.

Before and after: back seating area.

Regarding valet they do everything from a basic valet to hand polish, protection and engine cleaning. 

Before and after: car boot

Each full valet service includes the following: 


• Rubbish removed from the interior

• Mats removed and cleaned with shampoo 

• Carpets, seat and boot vacuumed and shampooed 

• Dashboard, compartments & control lights cleaned with interior spray and brush and wiped with sterile microfiber cloths

• Interior windows cleaned and polished


• Exterior rinsed with steam

• Wheels and alloys cleaned 

• Bodywork soaked in non-acidic traffic film remover (tar removal)

• Bodywork shampooed and conditioned with a luxury product

• Exterior pressure steam rinsed

• Bodywork dried with sterile microfibre towels

• Exterior windows cleaned and polished

They have additional services for those that require extra care such as stain removal or paintwork.

0191 486 2367 (to receive 10% off let them know you are going though our website recommendation)

Also remember, it doesn’t have to be on a car valet, this can also be on other services such as:

• Steam cleaning

• Medical cleaning 

• Carpet cleaning  

• Power washing 

• Service equipment sanitisation

• Commercial and Domestic steam cleaning service

• Car Valet and Car Detailing

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