World book day – shopping guide special.

World book day is something we celebrate from a young age, reading and writing should be encouraged at all ages though-out. I have teamed up to feature some amazing business who sell or illustrate/write scripts for books in the North East.

Brew and book: Instagram | Website

Build your own box in three little steps with bargain books, gifts, pamper items and treats with Brews and Book. The books pricing from as little as £3 with a wide range of titles.

Feline and Fiction: Instagram | Website

Feline and fiction offer gift boxes for cat & book lovers. Each box contains a feline themed book, 3-5 feline themed gifts, a toy for kitty & a treat for kitty, all for just £15. You can also set up an monthly subscription plan too.

Barks and books: Instagram | Website

Barks and Books off an build your own box of canine themed gifts including bargain prices books, gifts and the best dog toys on the market.

Carolyn Carlin Studio: Instagram | Website

Carolyn Carlin Studios illustrate their own children books with characters Gertrude and Agnes being the main characters.

‘Better Together’ is the first part of the Gertrude and Agnes Series to teach young children that we can all be friends and love ourselves despite our differences. 

Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous: Website | Instagram

The allotment is a wonderful yet mysterious place where a secret world of mushrooms are living amongst the undergrowth helping the plants and vegetables to survive.

When Inkcap is awoken one morning by a mysterious thumping noise coming from the top of his plant pot house, he and his mushie pal Scales must embark on an exciting yet dangerous adventure through the Magical World of Mushroom Marvellous, seeking out the secrets to Inkcaps newly found power, his Potence.

But who is attacking the peapod patch? Will Inkcap work out how to use his power and defeat the nettle army…?

There are 60 books left out of 500 and they can be ordered in the link below, as can the colouring book, they have just launched to accompany Book 1 – Click here.

Ellie White: Instagram | Facebook

Ellie White is from Houghton-Le-Spring. She is a self-published author and write romantic comedies with strong female leads. Her debut novel ‘Love & London’ publishes on the 2nd April through Amazon in e-book, paperback and Kindle Unlimited. 

It’s the story of Maggie who after being widowed 8 years earlier is finally ready to return to the dating scene. Encouraged by her family and friends she embarks on an emotional journey of healing and self-discovery as she takes on new challenges, pushes herself from her comfort zone and finds herself on a string of terrible blind dates. Although this is an easy going, uplifting rom-com full of love and laughter, we also follow Maggie’s journey of grief and acceptance after losing her husband unexpectedly at a young age which was inspired by my own experiences of losing a family member suddenly 2 years ago.

Love & London has had 5* reviews from industry professionals ahead of its release, this is one of them:

 “Ellie’s work touches on topics that most people would shy away from but are, unfortunately, necessary to talk about. She unknowingly helped me process things in my own life that have been difficult and avoided until, like Maggie, the box in the back of my mind was too big to hide. She follows a heartbreakingly sweet romance in a way that avoids the cringey cliches of romance fiction and I’m excited to see what she writes next!” – Megan Georgia Editing.

The Dooblies: Website | Instagram

The North East family behind a new picture book is hoping that it will encourage young children to learn more about letters and words.

‘Here come the Dooblies’ started life as a random comment made by a toddler and introduces readers to the A-Z world of the Alphazooblies, inviting them into the land of Cupboard and an adventure featuring the innocent Dooblies.

The book has been written by the five members of the Lines family from Sedgefield in County Durham and has been published by Right Lines Communications.

The idea for Here come the Dooblies was formed early in 2010 when, with no context, three-year-old Charlie Lines said to his parents: “The Dooblies are playing with the blueberries.”

His dad Chris developed that phrase into a story and six-year-old brother Ciaran drew scenes to accompany it. All of this sat in a drawer for nearly nine years, until the family met local artist Kev Stevens of The Art Room North East. An experienced illustrator of children’s books, Kev took Ciaran’s original artwork and developed it for publication. The rest of the Lines family added suggestions, including mum Catherine, and youngest son Samuel, who hadn’t been born when the story was first written and drawn, and who proved to be a useful one-person test market.

Check out the rest of the information over on the website… Click here.

Follow True Colours Theatre to keep an eye out over the weekend as they bring a Read and Sign story to ‘We are going on a bear hunt’ – there will be Makaton signs to go along with it to help children and families who may need it.

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