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Little Letterbox Gifts is a small business from Durham, they lets you create a gift that is completely bespoke to your needs and within your budget.

Whether it is for a birthday, a celebration, a bit of motivation or simply just because you want to – bring as smile to someone’s face.

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How it works:

Simply browse their items and add the ones you want to send in to a friend, family or to yourself into your cart.

They recommend between 3 and 7 items and they can package in two different sized boxes to accommodate your order (both of which fit through your letterbox).

Please only make one order per box.

At checkout tell them who to send your box to and include a message. This will be handwritten onto one of their postcards.

This is a great opportunity to make someone smile 🙂

Currently only UK deliveries 


Over the Christmas, I got the most unexpected parcel from Little Letterbox Gifts , I recently worked them on a story post and loved their productsespecially their little notepads and jellies – they were full of taste and so juicy.

The lady from Little letterbox gifts, really makes me appreciate the reason why I work with small businesses.

I used my Christmas letterbox on the morning of Christmas whilst I watched the girls open their presents with big smiles on their faces.

I just smiled and sat back, fully relaxed and enjoyed my hot chocolate. In the box there was a marshmallows, candy canes, jellies and Thornton’s orange hot chocolate (this was amazing by the way).

I highly recommend this company, if you ever want to send a little gift to your loved ones! – it’s a great way with the whole covid-19 restrictions to send a present for a loved ones special day or just to say you love them! 💓

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