Gifted | Carolyn Carlin Studios and Chalk-houses review

Check their website out here.

Carolyn Carlin studios are based in Morpeth and specialise in beautifully illustrated books, art prints and colouring pages.

Many with a religious twist which I found a great way to educate the children on their RE studies whilst off school due to lockdown.

The stories from their books have two main characters Gertrude and Agnes – they really bring magic and fun too the books.

I can’t wait to see more added the collection as they develop. The girls love reading these books and always get engaged within the story.

The chalk-houses are a set of 10 wooden blockhouses, which are hand-painted on both sides.

The chalk paint is durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

They are so canny for the little ones, and the girls love to use these chalk-house to express their drawing skills and often use them for home schooling activities too.

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