T’s sweet stop delivery review

Small box: £3.50

T’s Sweet Stop , New to the delivery scene but making an storm within trending around the North East.

These super sweet pizza boxes are a must, if you have not tried and have a sweet tooth, this is right up your street.

T’s Sweet stop was a business created over lockdown but they seem to be bringing smiles to many faces, from presents gifted to a loved one’s door step to an nights in with your little ones.

Large box: £5

The girls took their sweet boxes up to bed and watched YouTube, the plan was for a film night but least I got a bath in peace – I know a lot of your mum would love this!.

The sweet boxes are different every-time, filled with the most yummy treats.


🍬Extra large boxes £10🍬

🍬choose your own from £8🍬

🍬Large boxes £5 🍬

🍬Small boxes £3.50🍬

🍬 They also have some beautiful valentines boxes and cones coming up.

To order yours – click here

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