Our little break away to Sandybay – Covid rules applied.

Half term had began and halloween was around the corner, there was mixed emotions and low festive spirit when it came to Halloween.

We managed to get a last minute caravan, which is normally impossible on a half term break but I feel many people are still worried on what rules are in place, and if it would be worth the money. Therefore, I wanted to put this guide in place…

Accommodation: Private rental

We had went though a private owner this time rather than Parkdean resorts. Our caravan was so cosy, the little details really made our stay from fleecey duvet sets, to teddy bears on the girls beds, it really did feel like home.

On arrival, our hand over was contactless as they had a key safe. The owner also had set out an hand sanitiser station which I found great for when we came in and out from on our travels.

Click here to check out the group, I went though. The caravan cost £50 per night and £50 deposit, which I got back in a reasonable time frame. The owner was very helpful and I would go though her again.

I did not get my passes though the owner, and many owners are the same on this group. However, we were only staying for a short period of time, so we were kindly gifted the complex passes from Parkdean resort. I popped into the reception once we settled in, and they processed this for us, this was very quick and easy.

Eating out: The boathouse

The breakfast menu

The boathouse was the only restaurant onsite, this was located next to the complex, as you walked though their first lot of doors.

On arrival, you had to wear your masks unless exempt, once you we’re sat down you could take your mask off but had to keep seated.

When walking though the complex to get to the boathouse it is an one way system, the hand sanitiser display is ready for you soon as you walk in and also track in trace is in place, if you don’t have the NHS app, the staff can take your details.

The breakfast menu is available till 11:30. We both ordered the big breakfast and the girls had nutella and pancakes. The pancakes with a soft drink came to less than £2 as part of a promotional deal they had on.

All together the breakfast for us all came to around £19, which I don’t find too expensive at all and pretty reasonable. Our breakfast, was a decent size and tasted amazing.

All food was prompted to be ordered via the app on the phone called ‘deanpark’ this is available for both apple and android.

The app was pretty easy to navigate, and similar to the one yous would use for your local pub or weather-spoons.

Click and collect was also available via the app.

The lunch menu was a little bit more expensive.

Live entertainment:

With the covid-19 measurements in place, we were very unsure this would be something that would be on the schedule.

However, the staff really tried to still make the live shows and night time entertainment the best they could with all the restrictions in place.

We headed down for 5:00pm due to it being half term and the capacity being less than normal for seating. I would highly advice to set off earlier for a seat due to the seats filling up very quick and also later on in the night, you often found families waiting outside for a long period of time struggling to get a table.

Masks are required on arrival, and this can be removed once you are sat down. If you need to get up for any reason such as the toilet or the bar, you must put your mask back on.

There is a one way system, you can order at the bar but the staff will bring your drinks to your table, they will request your table number when ordering. They will put the drink down on a tray for you to remove, to cut amount of the amount of contact.

The little kids shop was closed but the girls got sweets from the shop next door and also there was a little vending machine too.

The girls loved seeing the characters and were allowed a social distancing photo, which was on during the day rather than on a night time. They would stand on the x located on the dance floor, this was one bubble at a time, and the character was on the stage. You had to take your own photo with your own device.

They had various shows on during the night, along with a quiz called madness and mayhem which gets you involved too. And also the bingo – one person per table to go order and only 4 people allowed in the que at the time.

It’s a shame your subjected to your table but understandable under the circumstances, the dance floor is cordoned off, however, the girls were really good with following the rules and totally understood about the virus and the risk of contacting with other families.

I did feel really sorry for the families whose kids did not really understand or to young to understand. I seen many little ones wanted to get up out of their seats becoming aggravated or children who did get up and run around and had staff approach them and remind them off the rules in place, I felt this could have a strain on their time away and be very stressful.


The park

There is a park located on-site, straight across from the reception area. They have a little bench just outside the gate for you to relax whilst the little ones play, this would also be great for a picnic area or to eat out from the little chip shop onsite when it’s back open. ( I found the times on the board to be very unpredictable).

The beach

The beach was located at the bottom of the caravan park. The walk is beautiful and the stunning clifftop scenery and views across the beach are not one to be missed.

Unfortunately, on the day, the tide was in so we didn’t get too far, but the girls loved playing on the rocks and writing their names in the sand.

The pond

The pond is across from the complex, we had a little walk over here and there was a few ducks, which is great for the little ones to take some bread or seeds to feed them.

The swimming pool

The set out looks the same but the schedule is very different. We went to book that morning but due to it being half term, they were fully booked til the afternoon time. Therefore, we went with the 6:30 slot which seemed pretty late but the girls love water and would have been disappointed if we did not go swimming before we left.

We came though the side doors on arrival, we had to shower before hand at our own accommodation and pop our swim suits under our clothes before arrival, as you could not use the changing rooms when you first enter. You are expected to change on the pool side.

There was a shoe rack for your shoes so you can remove yours at the door and place them in the rack. There was also an areas set out along the side of the pool to pop your belongings onto after you have removed of your outdoor wear. The cycle was slightly weird and to some could be uncomfortable.

The pools capacity is 23 people and you only get a 45 minute slot. I was surprised on how warm the water was, with the slot being so late, I just sat on the step whilst the girls swam as I had just done my hair and we were going to the bar straight after, which was slightly sad as I do love a good swim too.

Summa is coming on so well with her swimming. She needs a little bit more training in lifting her head up to breathe when swimming rather than stopping but apart from that her lessons are paying off at school.

I got out before the girls to get ready, whilst they were with my mam and she sent them out after so I could help get them ready without worrying about myself too.

You can book at the reception or at the pool side for your time slot.

The lockers were all taped out, they had took out all showers, however you could get dryed and dressed in the cubicle. However shoes had to be put on at the doors when leaving and taking off when entering to minimise foot prints the man said.

You can also book swimming activities.

The day time activities:

During the day, there is many activities in place for the kids. Some are free and some are to a cost. You can book online but you need a booking reference number so we booked our activities via the reception. To secure your first choice of activities, simply log into ‘My Booking’ up to 2 weeks prior to travel is advised by Parkdean resorts.

Making slim:

The slim making sessions, had various time slots thoughout the week. They also had pumpkin carving but was fully booked and also some sports activities such as archery and much more.

The girls love slim from watching tutorials on YouTube. On arrival, you had to show your tickets to the staff to enter, you could not pay on the door.

All tables are set up with sheets on, as this is a very messy activities, so please do rethink about putting new clothes on for this session. The girls did get plastic aprons which came in handy.

Once your sat down, the staff come around with your ingredients to make the slim. Unfortunately on the day, they had ran out of solution so the slim didn’t go as expected. However, they kindly refunded our money. I would love to see how the session would go if it had of been more lead by the staff and with the right ingredients.

Deliver brew cocktails:

Deliver brew can now deliver cocktails to the caravan site, it’s worth it for after hours when your not ready to go to bed yet.

Browse and pre-order ahead for your stay: Click here.

We also have a full review on NE DeliverBrew: Gifted | Cocktail review @NEDELIVERBREW.

Last updated: 1st November 2020

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