First experience; Picking our own pumpkins at Brockbrushes Farm, Corbridge.

Farm details:

🍁 Brocksbushes Farm, Corbridge, Northumberland, NE43 7UB.

🍂 Directly off the Styford Roundabout on the A69/A68 near Corbridge.

🚘 free parking on site

For more information, click here:

In a field full of pumpkins, orange, blue and white. We could feel so much magic and wonder as we experience our first time picking a pumpkin from its own patch…

On arrival, we parked free of charge, flicking though my emails to attempt to find my pre- booked tickets. (Tickets had to be pre-booked due to limited numbers with covid-19 and cost £2 per person).

I could feel the excitement from the girls in the back seat of the car. As I turned around, there faces were light up as they noticed the fairground. (All rides are cash and card ready). The girls jumped out the car with the biggest grins, laughing away as they ran over and played hook the duck. (Prices seemed around £3.50 +).

As we got to the end of the fairground and more closer to the ticket stand, I wondered what was to come of the evening. I placed my phone down for the staff to scan, hands free. (You can also have your tickets printed).

And the girls began to prepare themselves by using the hand sanitiser stations available at front.

All photos are my own via this post, please do not use/save without permission!.

The ground seemed pretty dry as we entered the pumpkin patch. We grabbed the wheel-barrow and began our search for the finest pumpkin in brockbrushes. We spotted various colours and sizes as the girls wow’d at amazement – they had never seen so many pumpkins in different colours, they only ever knew about the orange ones.

As we walked up and down the field, some areas were more muddy than some. – Roxy had her wellies on, and I would recommend suitable shoes if not wellies on visit to the farm.

After 20-30 minutes of pumpkin searching and ending up with 5 beautiful pumpkins in our wheel barrow, we headed over to the till. Each pumpkin was put though a measurement process as price depended on size, starting from £1.50 to £7.

For our 5 pumpkins, the cost came to £13.50 all together, therefore it was not too badly priced. They also had the carving tools available for an extra £1.50. (You could pay via cash or card here too).

Last updated:13th October 2020


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